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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kerry Abram earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the History of Science from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University.


Kerry’s career led her to positions in marketing and media relations on both coasts, including stints on Capitol Hill as Press Secretary for two Members of Congress and as the award-winning Marketing Director for ROLL CALL: The Newspaper of Capitol Hill.


Kerry’s life also led her to develop debilitating chronic pain and several autoimmune disorders for which conventional medicine offered no answers or only treatments with side effects worse than the original symptoms.

So, she turned her prodigious academic research training toward the pursuit of discovering alternative methods for improving her health.  


Today, she is not only pain-free and vibrantly healthy, she developed a passion for sharing what she has learned with others. 


Kerry now holds several certifications in complementary wellness practices, including as a Certified Wellness Educator from The Chopra Center in San Diego.

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